DIY pet friendly mouse/rat trap.

DIY pet friendly mouse/rat trap.

A clean and hygenic home demands effective control of vermin, in particular mice and rats. Do you live on the Lower North Shore/Northern Beaches and would like a pet friendly way of controlling rats and mice? If so the answer is to build a simple “bucket trap”. It just keeps on catching and catching even when you are away on holidays.

Prior to my Handyman career I often used bucket traps with great success on our family cropping farm where mice/rats were attracted to grain storage areas.

The bucket trap is pet friendly as it does not involve poisonous baits or fiddly, spring loaded traps. It is efficient as it can catch large quantities without having to be reset. It is very easy to build and is cost efficient as you probably already have the materials you need lying around your home. The picture below shows you the simplicity of the trap and how easy it is to make

  • A bucket, half fill with water (5-10 litre size or larger )
  • An empty can/plastic bottle as long as it has a round shape.
  • A piece of  wire about 50cm long. (a wire coat hanger is ideal)
  • A scrap plank of wood for a ramp.
  • Some bait (I use peanut butter for mice, raw bacon rasher for rats)

Step 1Wear rubber gloves. Mice and particularly rats will shy away from human scent, so avoid contaminating your trap and reducing its effectiveness. A pair of old dish washing gloves are fine.

Step 2: Punch/drill two small holes in the top opposite sides of bucket. Punch/drill two small holes in opposite length sides of can/bottle.

Step 3: Feed the wire through one of the bucket holes, then through the bottle/can, then through the other side of bucket, twist and secure the wire to sides of bucket.

Step 4: Make a kink or dog leg bend in the wire as it enters either side of the can/bottle to stop it sliding to the side.

Step 5: Smear the peanut butter over the can and/or tie the bacon rasher around it and place ramp on top of bucket. Finished!

Some other advice: Mice and rats in particular will generally avoid running across the middle of a room. They are risk averse animals (that is how the cunning ones survive) and prefer to stay around the perimeter. Consequently locate your trap along a wall of a room to increase its effectiveness. Burying your catch under a foot of soil is the best method of disposal. Should you prefer to catch your unwelcome guests alive, do not use water in the bucket! Good luck!

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